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The Votes Are In! Middle School Holds Elections for 2015-16 Student Community Board Officers

The Student Community Board (SCB) hosted elections for the executive board last Friday. Middle school students were running for the positions of co-presidents, secretary, treasurer, and—new this year—Jewish voice. The new Jewish voice officer is "someone who helps us make Jewish-values-based decisions about life on campus," says SCB advisor Ali Frank. This student's responsibilities include "making Jewish life on campus engaging, fun, and relevant to the rest of our middle school experience."

In addition to election posters and stickers posted throughout the middle school wing, those running for elections also gave speeches in front of the entire middle school during Friday afternoon's assembly. The SCB—made up of the executive board and advisory representatives—helps plan the school dance, runs the school store, and organizes the annual basketball tournament (in which the winning teams face off against the faculty), among other duties. The 2015-16 Student Community Board elected officers are: Co-Presidents - Lilah F. and Quinn K.; Treasurer - David S.; Secretary - Asher K.; Jewish Voice - Sam L.