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2020-21 Return to Campus During Covid-19

The 2020-21 school year launched via distance learning on August 25 and we returned to campus in a hybrid learning model on November 2. As of January, we are currently in process for a full return to campus for all students. This page will be used to share reopening plans with our community. It will also house recent communications and useful documents and forms related to the health and safety of our community.

Values-Based planning during Covid-19
At The Brandeis School of San Francisco, our community values guide us as we prepare for the return to campus.
Chesed (kindness) is a reminder that we must lead with empathy and remain family-centric in our planning, knowing how hard this moment is for all of us, and how the financial and physical strains and stresses of this pandemic are present in all of our lives. All of us recognize the central role of school in the ecosystem of family life. Ometz lev (integrity) reminds us to always be honest in our dealings with one another. You can trust that we will be honest with all of you as we move through this challenging time, and that we will keep the safety and health of our students, professionals, and community at the heart of our decision making. Tikkun olam (service) is a reminder to model civic-minded thinking for our students, as we do every day, keeping public health interests and needs in mind as we prepare to return to campus as soon as we safely can.

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