Culture of Giving

The Campaign for Brandeis 2023

The investment to support an evolving Jewish day school in San Francisco requires the dedication and commitment of all of those who care about sustaining the Jewish community of San Francisco and those who value Jewish education. We are inviting our community to partner in supporting this $1.8 million campaign to provide the resources that will allow us to accomplish our strategic vision in the following areas:

  • Tuition Assistance: To support the growth of an inclusive community that represents diversity of family structure, diversity of gender expression, as well as religious, racial, and ethnic diversity, Brandeis is committed to maintaining a generous tuition assistance program. Gifts in support of our financial aid program allow the school to fulfill our mission and long-standing tradition of educating students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Faculty Enrichment: To nurture a culture of lifelong learning and to create pathways for growth for all faculty, we will work toward increasing support of our faculty, including providing the resources they need to do their best work. In a competitive Bay Area market, gifts toward faculty enrichment will help us attract and retain excellent teachers while promoting their professional growth for the benefit of our students and our school. Investments will be made in the following three areas:
    • Professional development 
    • Competitive salaries and benefits
    • Leadership opportunities
  • Program Development: To provide students with the tools they need to make sense of and design a better world, we will develop and implement curricula with contemporary Jewish identity, ethical engagement, and spiritual development at the core to support a student-centered, inquiry-based model of education that uses real-world challenges to connect learning and purpose. 
We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how you can take part in Brandeis 2023. Please contact Stacy Youkilis, director of development, at 415-294-4839.