Who Are We? Brandeis 2023

Cultivate a community where people feel welcome and included, where differences are honored as an essential component of a learning community, and where our diversities—of socio-economic background and status, gender identity, family structure, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, and more—are secured, celebrated, and supported.
         -From the “Our Community” section of the Brandeis 2023 Strategic Plan

As I kick off my third season as your Admissions Director, after two highly unusual years in this role, I can finally say that some parts of the job have become predictable. The hectic but joyful early weeks of school, the excitement of seeing those first few RSVPs for our events, the pleasure of not having to ask for time off to observe the high holidays! 

Although I still get curveballs now and then, I’ve also become more confident in describing the nuances of our unique curriculum and school culture to prospective parents. Go ahead, ask me about how we accommodate students with different learning profiles, or how our maker education program complements what’s happening in the classrooms. These are questions with relatively straightforward answers, which parents can compare to whatever other schools they might be considering. What comes up again and again, though, is a version of a more complicated question: How do we know if we belong at Brandeis? Will we fit in? 

The constraints of the pandemic have impacted our ability to meet new families and strengthen our connections to one another, but the work of building and sustaining a diverse community has continued with tremendous vigor. In addition to our outreach and marketing efforts over the past two years, we have also endeavored to collect more detailed and specific data about our community demographics. 

Determining what questions to ask people about themselves is not always easy, and not everyone chooses to respond to every survey or prompt. We welcome your feedback about how to improve and expand this data going forward, and urge you to share this infographic with friends and colleagues who might be curious about Brandeis. 

Not only does this information help prospective parents understand what kind of families choose Brandeis (and hopefully motivate them to sign up for a tour or Open House) it gives all of us a more complete picture of who we are right now. Only then, as prescribed by our Strategic Plan, can we assess whether we are meeting our goal of celebrating and supporting every Brandeis household.