Solar Systems in Science Class

In 5th grade science class, our young scientists are learning about space. More specifically, we are learning about our solar system. Over the past month or so, students have split into groups and researched one of the following regions of the solar system - the terrestrial planets, the asteroid belt, the Jovian planets, and the Kuiper belt. After completing their research, which included finding information about the size of the region, its composition, distance from the sun, orbital period and any other interesting facts, the groups presented their findings to the class. 

Most recently, students worked independently or in partnerships, to create a model of the solar system that includes the information mentioned above. Many students were even able to make their model to scale. “I learned how our solar system is mostly made up of empty space” said one student, while another added the following gem about the 8th planet from the sun: “Uranus actually smells bad” (True fact - google it!)