Learning at Brandeis


Our Campus

The Brandeis School of San Francisco has a multifaceted campus that integrates outdoor and indoor spaces into a simple-to-navigate and welcoming place. With easy access to the school from all areas of San Francisco, the campus offers ample parking for student drop-off and pick-up and school events. The light-filled lobby acts both as the point where students begin school and as a place where parents share coffee and catch up before heading off to their respective days. Arranged on multiple levels, the school includes

  • lower and middle school classrooms;
  • a cutting-edge science center;
  • an art studio;
  • a 2,800-square-foot media center;
  • an acoustically designed music room;
  • a dedicated after-school program room;
  • a learning resource center;
  • a beit midrash ("house of learning”) used for weekly tefillah, school assemblies, and classes;
  • a regulation-size gymnasium;
  • a large outdoor athletic area;
  • a playground for younger students.