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Justices and Injustices

Dear Brandeis community,
In lieu of a traditional word of the week, I wanted to share four photographs with you that I shared at our board of trustees meeting Tuesday night. These pictures tell the story of our students playing a game during the second Justice Louis Brandeis Day, our annual celebration of our school’s namesake. As part of teaching our students about what it means to be a citizen of a democracy—the most important office in the land, according to Justice Brandeis—we explored the biblical imperative to pursue justice, and what just and unjust acts look like in our own lives. For our middle schoolers, the day included learning about Jewish values in action throughout American history, debating the first amendment, and much more. For our youngest students, the day began with Justices and Injustices, a very Brandeis take on chutes and ladders. These are photos I captured in wandering through our lower school classrooms Tuesday morning, and they tell a story of thoughtful and critical engagement, creativity, and joy.





Wishing you all weekends full of justices and joys, my friends.