Middle School Drama Prepares for Upcoming Performance of Fame Jr.

Middle school drama elective students are preparing to take the centerstage next month, performing the musical production Fame Jr.  Part of Music Theatre International’s Broadway Junior program, Fame Jr. “features a high-energy, contemporary pop score and a touching coming-of-age story. This family-friendly version follows the personal and artistic journeys of several high school students at the fictional Performing Arts High School. “These passionate dreamers quickly learn that it’s not only talent,” says drama teacher Crystal Brown, “but also hard work, teamwork, and grace that are needed to bring their dreams to fruition.” This show was selected for the fall musical because, says Ms. Brown, “we wanted a musical that allows our students to both creatively express themselves as performers, while also allowing them to practice elements of kindness, integrity, and service. It’s important students become aware of the amount of dedication and rehearsing that goes into any big dream.”
Drama performance instills many important values in young actors. Ms. Brown and music teacher Kimberly Lostetter “hope that through this process, students have learned the importance of being present in their work and maintaining focus despite time, social, and academic constraints. We can’t wait for the January performances!”