Eighth Graders Engage with the Aesthetics of Art, Architecture, and Algebra

For the last few weeks, eighth graders in Cameron Yuen-Shore’s math class have been working on linear equations and inequalities, discovering their different properties and applications. “After learning about the basics of slope and intercepts, we applied our knowledge to the outlines of buildings,” says Cam, as he’s known to his students. Students picked a building they are excited to see on their upcoming Israel trip and graphed the silhouette and details of that building in slope intercept form in an online platform. “It was fun to see how excited the students are about their upcoming trip, and to see the curriculum of their math class applied to the aesthetics of cities and sites they can’t wait to see.” Following this project, students moved on to defining the space between lines and inequality functions by playing the “dot collector” game, which allows students to take different paths to solve the same problem. Finally, students explored standard and point-slope forms by graphing an image that could prove the Pythagorean theorem, drawing spiraling squares to “quantify their fractal beauty,” adds Cam. “Having students engage with the aesthetics of architecture and art through the lens of algebra will continue to be a goal of our work this year!” MORE PHOTOS