Third Graders’ Tzedakah Fair Showcases Commitment to Tikkun Olam

For the past month, one of the focuses of third grade Judaic studies has been tzedakah, a Hebrew word which comes from the root tzedek, meaning political justice. Students worked with their families to choose a tzedakah project for the whole family to engage in. “In this project, we make tzedakah a part of the student’s family’s natural rhythm and create regular opportunities for students and families to give their time together,” explains teacher Sharona Israeli-Roth. Families spent a few hours volunteering together at places such as GLIDE, Friends of the Urban Forest, and Jewish Family and Children’s Services, among others. “We are teaching students to not just talk the talk but to also walk the walk,” adds Ms. Roth. “Students are excited to start their own chain of kindness and awareness in our community, and they began that by sharing their projects in a Tzedakah Fair on Tuesday. It was so wonderful to see the third graders engage with their lower school peers and share their tikkun olam projects. The students are my true heroes who will help this world be a kinder and healthier place for all of us.” MORE PHOTOS