Middle School Students Act, Dance, and Sing in Fame Jr.

"I'm gonna live forever!" sang the middle school cast of the fall musical, Fame Jr., on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The students took center stage in front of two sold-out audiences for a fun night of singing, dancing, and acting. The 39 singers and dancers and 9 crew members have spent the fall semester working hard and preparing for this high-energy coming-of-age musical that follows the personal and artistic journeys of students at Performing Arts High. The drama elective teaches students the importance of being present in their work, maintaining focus, and working as a team. Crystal Brown, director, noted in December that Fame Jr. was selected because it "allows students to creatively express themselves as performers, while also allowing them to practice elements of kindness, integrity, and service." 

Congratulations to [musical director] Kim Lostetter and Crystal Brown on pulling off another fun, energetic, and creative performance with our middle schoolers tonight!" exclaimed Director of Middle School Dr. Sivan Tarle. "The costumes, the music, the hair...everything was wonderful. Yasher koach!" MORE PHOTOS