Eighth Graders Tackle Big Questions in Reading Night

The eighth grade class just began reading the Elie Wiesel memoir Night. The book Night helps students tackle two of the big through lines in eighth grade: “How do we see the truth of our lives?” and “How do we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?” Says language arts teacher Ashley Bitton, “We not only look at Night in an historical context, but also from the perspective of how a writer like Wiesel constructs the truth of his life so we can better understand our own truths and become better writers ourselves.” Teaching Night also incorporates three disciplines: Jewish studies, Jewish history, and literature.
“I was honored to be one of Wiesel’s students," says Ms. Bitton. "His quote, ‘To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time,’ which is the preface to Night, continues to stick with me. It’s a privilege to be able to teach our students this important text, to help them explore not only their own personal family history, but also our Jewish history.” MORE PHOTOS