Seventh Grade Experiential Education Focuses on Leadership, Tzedek

Our seventh graders embarked last week for their three-day, two-night outdoor education trip at Redwood Glen Retreat Center in Pescadero. This experiential education trip focused on the themes of leadership and tzedek (justice), two themes that permeate the seventh grade curriculum. Students collaborated in group challenges; hiked through the woods; spent time discussing different types of leadership and the choices they can make around tzedakah; and participated in a tefillah walk through the woods, “in which we would walk together, and then pause and look at nature quietly,” says Judaic studies teacher Jody Bloom. “It was so beautiful.” Before heading home, seventh graders visited GLIDE, where they met with Rabbi Michael Lezak, and then half the group served lunch to the GLIDE community while the other half took a tour of the surrounding Tenderloin neighborhood. They will visit GLIDE again next week, and the groups will switch roles.
Says Ms. Bloom about one activity in particular: “Our students did a new activity, where they do a design thinking challenge to design a perfect nonprofit organization (NPO). It was really amazing to see what the students’ areas of concern were and how they want to meet those areas of concern. During the Tzedek Program, I am excited to look at NPOs that are meeting those areas of need. Overall, this trip was a great experience for the students to enjoy being out in nature, be together, and reflect on who they want to be as leaders.” MORE PHOTOS