Sixth Graders Volunteer Time in Golden Gate Park Clean-up

While rain prevented sixth graders from participating in a clean-up in Golden Gate Park during the week of Tu B’Shvat, the trip was merely postponed to today, and our students still had the opportunity to contribute to caring for the environment. “Tu B’Shvat offers a perfect opportunity to connect traditional Jewish practices of tree planting and caring for forested land with caring for the environment,” said teacher Jody Bloom. This is the ninth year sixth graders have participated in this park clean-up field trip. Students worked at Mothers’ Meadow, where they mulched a trail, planted strawberries and pink ladies, swept the dust and dirt off the sidewalk, weeded, dug holes to plant, moved branches off the path, and removed Germain ivy (an invasive species). 
"It was magical when we all came together to work as one for the greater good," shared student Lola L. Adds Ms. Bloom, “What 40 hardworking middle schoolers can do in a few hours would typically take a handful of adult volunteers a week to achieve. The students worked incredibly hard, and it feels really good to give back to our community.” MORE PHOTOS