Seventh Graders Participate in Empowering Workshop with We Schools

As part of a We Schools nationwide tour, seventh graders had the opportunity to hear a keynote address and participate in a morning-long workshop focused on the ways youth can get involved and transform the world through active global citizenship. “We are so fortunate we got to be part of this tour!” exclaims teacher Jody Bloom. The keynote address, by We Schools representatives Matthew and Cass, discussed the importance of telling stories and how stories can help people gain empathy. It highlighted the power of youth, and how our society rallies around youth who are passionate about making changes in the world. Following the keynote, students participated in a workshop where they spent time exploring life experiences of kids around the world and evaluated the privilege, or lack thereof, that came with each experience. Finally, students learned about and then created their own six-word stories about issues in the world they care about. “Earth is a bank; we’re robbers,” wrote one student. Another shared, “75 cents to dollar; that’s equality?”
Inspired by their morning of learning, seventh graders now plan to start a lunch club dedicated to addressing the issue they, as a group, feel most strongly about: the wage gap. Ms. Bloom will serve as advisor for the club. “I knew that We Schools was really inspirational, but this exceeded my expectations,” adds Ms. Bloom. “It was both inspiring and empowering, and led students to want to be changemakers. They are feeling grateful for all that they have and want to help make the world a better place.” MORE PHOTOS