Middle School Student Community Board Breaks Bread with KZV Armenian School Students

On Tuesday, March 12, our middle school student community board (SCB) members joined students from our Brotherhood Way neighbor, KZV Armenian School, at their campus to have lunch together. This relationship came about following last month’s sad news of Armenian schools in Los Angeles being vandalized; our students shared a message of solidarity with the KZV community and asked that Brandeis fly an Armenian flag on our campus. The SCB then decided to gift the flag to KZV, so KZV principal Grace Andonian invited our students to break bread with her students. Tuesdays are a special day for their community, as grandmothers in their community cook and serve lunch to their entire student body.
Says SCB advisor David Jefferies, "We agree with the general proposition that it's better to build bridges rather than walls, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to begin a bridge." MORE PHOTOS