Brandeis Class of 2018 Alumni Return to Share High School Transition Tips

More than 45 Brandeis eighth graders and class of 2018 alumni attended the second annual 8th Grade/High School First Years Dinner last night. The event gave our ninth grade alumni a chance to reunite with former classmates and to share their experiences about the transition from Brandeis to high school with current eighth graders. The ninth graders—representing high schools throughout the Bay Area—shared their own unique experiences, including challenges, accomplishments, and lessons learned. Topics discussed included time management, course load, ways to get involved in a new school, and social issues.
"This is the beginning of touch points for our graduating students as they move on to high school," says Director of Middle School Dr. Sivan Tarle. "They will be able to lean on the relationships forged at this dinner, so they can feel more connected as they start at a bigger school, and feel like they have a mentor in that process. And for the class of 2018, this dinner provided a great opportunity for them to get together and see each other again and visit Brandeis all together for the first time since they graduated last spring." MORE PHOTOS