Fifth Graders Research Artists and Innovators

For many years, Brandeis fifth grade students have engaged in the artist project, in which students select an artist and conduct research, honing their nonfiction reading and researching skills. Beginning last year and again this year, students also had the opportunity to select from a list of innovators, expanding what it means to be an artist in the 21st century. “Students strengthen their skills in essay writing, by writing a research-based biographical essay about their artist or innovator,” humanities teacher Kaitlyn Huston explains. Students are learning about everyone from William Shakespeare to Spike Lee to Frida Kahlo.
Students are currently working on their slideshow presentations, which they will present to the class so that everyone can learn about the artists and innovators who were studied. “This is my favorite part of the project,” adds Ms. Huston. “Throughout the project, students are always really fascinated by their own artist or innovator, and they are equally as fascinated to learn about each other’s!” MORE PHOTOS