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New Pilot Program in 8th Grade Math

In partnership with Desmos, students in one section of 8th grade math are piloting a new digital, problem-based math curriculum. This curriculum includes illustrative math and provides easy entry and extension for students. “One of the most interesting pieces for me about this curriculum,” explains teacher Cam Yuen-Shore, “is the group and class conversation that it sparks. Desmos lets teachers and students leverage real-time feedback, while allowing them to also be in conversation with one another about the problem or concept they are working on.” In a recent class, students used the Desmos platform to answer a series of math problems and share how they solved the problems. The anonymous responses were projected for the class to see and students then discussed the many ways there were to solve the problems.
Says student Leila J., “I like using desmos a lot this year. It's more fun than using a textbook, and more interactive. I like that on desmos you can share things with your class, and then go over them later, and that at the end of each lesson it asks you how you felt about it.”