Origami Provides Real-world Application of Algebra 2

In Dr. Ali Frank’s Algebra 2 math class, students have spent the last few weeks exploring math as it pertains to the real word, an important component of the Brandeis 2023 vision which challenges  students to critically engage with the world. Students have explored how origami—the Japanese art of paper folding—makes a difference in engineering. “The folding of materials that we see in origami has been used for things such as heart stents and satellites,” explains Dr. Frank. Students are studying linear equations, which are often used in engineering when building things.
“Although we are tackling simple origami, the students are able to see how the simple idea of folding paper can be used for several real-world, potentially life-saving applications,” adds Dr. Frank. “It’s important to me as a teacher to expose my students to an area of engineering that may someday be within their line of work.”