Kindergarteners Become Authors through Writer’s Workshop Curriculum

On Wednesday, November 6, the kindergarteners hosted a “Publishing, Partners, and Popcorn Party,” which celebrated the hard work they have been doing through their Writer’s Workshop unit. “We love this curriculum because it treats kids as authors from the first day of school,” says teacher Nicole Schoentag. Students have been hard at work polishing their true stories, covering topics including checking out books from the library to family trips and pizza nights. “This work also connects to what we are doing in phonics, where we are focused on identifying the initial sound in words,” explains teacher Emma Larson. “Students are using the skills they have learned in phonics to figure out the first sound in their important words.”
To get ready for the party, students added a cover and an about-the-author page to their favorite piece of writing, and then added pictures to enhance their stories. This unit aligns with the Brandeis 2023 strategic plan as writing true stories helps make the learning they are doing relevant to their own lives. Like all great parties, it ended in a dance fest. It was a joyous day of celebration in kindergarten!