Eighth Graders Will Wrestle with Moral Dilemmas in William Golding Novel

Eighth graders in Ms. Ashley Bitton’s language arts classes just started reading Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. “It’s the first year we are introducing it into the eighth grade curriculum,” says Ms. Bitton, “and I couldn’t be more excited to teach such a wonderful novel.”

Golding’s critically acclaimed novel deals with many themes related to human nature and its capacity to be both good and evil. “This book forces students to discuss and contemplate these difficult questions, while connecting these themes to the establishment of government, which they are learning about in social studies.” 
“When we decided we were going to teach Lord of the Flies this year, I went to my mom’s house and found my own eighth grade copy of the novel. I explained to my students how unforgettable certain texts are and, despite how wonderful Kindles and books on tape can be, there’s nothing like a physical book with notes in it from when you were young.”