An Interactive Program Enhances Hebrew Learning for Fourth Graders

Ivrit Beclick is an online interactive Hebrew teaching resource that supplements Chaverim B’Ivrit, the textbook we are using in grades 3–5. Each unit in Ivrit Beclick includes a short video showing a scene of daily life for Israeli children. It also contains interactive activities at varying levels, focusing on different language skills. This program familiarizes our students with Hebrew language and structures, while demonstrating how these can be used within the context of a simple conversation. It also allows children to hear colloquial Hebrew, as spoken by children in Israel. And it fosters a sense of affinity and empathy for Israeli culture.

“For many students,” says fourth grade Hebrew teacher Irit Daly, “their only exposure to Hebrew spoken by native speakers is listening to their Hebrew teacher during class. I love that Ivrit Beclick brings the language to life, and enables the students to hear it in an authentic way. The students are enthusiastic about it and look forward to Ivrit Beclick days.”

Their enthusiasm and focus are evident: as soon as their laptops are open and their headphones donned, an almost-palpable hush blankets the classroom.

“What I like best about Ivrit Beclick,” commented one student, “is that all the miniactivities are fun and easy to use—they match the sound with the actual word.”

Said another, “You can figure out the meaning of words by watching the video.” All the students agreed that they enjoy hearing Israeli families’ everyday conversations.