3rd Graders Create Interactive Journals

In third grade, CREATE students are beginning the year by building interactive journals of this quarter of distance learning. These journals incorporate aspects of social-emotional learning, writing, design, 3-d thinking, building, measuring, and art. They also serve as a record of this historic moment through which we are all living.

Each week, 3rd graders learn a new paper construction technique. Thus far we have covered box-style pop-ups, "V" pop-ups, and tab-style pop-ups. Along with a new construction challenge, each week students have a prompt on which to reflect, write about, and use as the inspiration for their completed page. So far prompts have included:
  1. What does your remote classroom look like?
  2. What emotions are you feeling? How do you show those?
  3. Who are your classmates when you learn from home?
As you can imagine, the resulting journal pages and artistic interpretations have been funny, insightful, and often bittersweet. 

"Through creating together, we have the opportunity to check-in with each other and share our thoughts and feelings," said teacher Sandee Bisson. "In these strange days, taking time to make on paper, step away from the screen, and then come back together to share our creations feels so important."

As the quarter progresses, the pages will become increasingly complex, incorporating elements of motion and even light. However, the greatest light is the light of creativity our 3rd graders bring to their work and share with their classmates each week.