6th Grade Students Become Weather Forecasters in Spanish

This week, 6th graders became weather forecasters in Spanish class. In this project, students practiced their presentational skills in Spanish while connecting with other subjects in their curriculum, such as social studies and science. 

"Learning a language is all about learning a culture and making connections between that culture and ours," said teacher Concepcion Grande. "That is my passion, teaching my language and my culture and making sure my students relate to it."

This project was done in groups of two or three students making use of the Zoom breakout rooms feature. As their first step, students had to research and choose cities located in countries where Spanish is one of their official languages. Cities that students chose were in North America, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa! 

Then, they proceeded to  look up the current weather conditions and temperatures in those cities.  Still collaborating in pairs, they designed presentations where they reported about the weather in those locations. Students had just learned expressions to talk about what the weather is like and are still becoming proficient telling numbers in Spanish. What a better practice than having to use the numbers for temperatures, both in Celcius and Farenheit. In addition, they learned about  the different seasons between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. What a discovery that you can ski in the Argentinian and Chilean Andes during the months of July and August!

When presentation time came, students were both excited and a bit nervous, as they had told me during our check in in Spanish. As we often do, we started the class singing our "Hola ¿Cómo estás?" song. Every one chose two feelings  that described their emotional state. Nervios@, content@ and bien were the most popular. Presentations went exceptional well and students felt proud of their achievement.

"The quarter system empowers students when learning a language, as they see fast progress," Señora Grande added. 

Please ask your child to share with you their presentation and the "Hola ¿Cómo estás?" song. You can find it in Whipple Hill under Topics. Now, stay tuned for the next presentation, where students will describe their likes and dislikes in terms of activities that they do on a regular basis. We can’t wait to see their presentations!