5th Graders Explore the Solar System

In science, our 5th graders are learning about the solar system. Currently they are doing a research project about the regions of the solar system. Each group was assigned one region — terrestrial planets, asteroid belt, Jovian planets, the Kuiper Belt — and had to collect information such as facts about that region's distance from the sun or its composition. 

Our scientists were placed in small breakout rooms where they did their research and worked on their presentation.

"The kids love the opportunity to work in these breakout rooms as it gives them a chance to do more independent and group work, as well as socialize," said 5th grade teacher Eitam Kohen.

Before the students even began their research, the 5th graders discussed good collaboration skills, framed by the Brandeis guidelines for "seven ways we learn and work together." They practiced active listening, and went over the “do’s” and “do nots” of group work on a shared document over Zoom.

This week each group will be presenting their findings of their region to the rest of the class. Once they get a more complete understanding of our solar system, the students will be creating their own model of it, to scale, using computers or art supplies.