4th Graders Delve Into Graphic Novels

In Library and Arts last week, 4th graders finished the Newbery Award-Winning graphic novel, New Kid by Jerry Craft. This book follows the story of Jordan, a Black student who is passionate about drawing comics and attends a predominantly white middle school. 

"Library and Arts has been an opportunity to explore the journey of creativity and literature through technology and books," said teacher and librarian Bel Beeson. 

This title received rave reviews from 4th graders! Upon rating the book using a 4 star scale system, students assessed various aspects of the book just like professional librarians. Students were asked to rate the quality of character development, the problems addressed in the story, and the illustration and writing style of the author. 

Please enjoy some of their very thoughtful comments below:

“I felt like Jordan was my best friend and I feel like he was designed in a way as to where he has a commonality with every kid. like how he draws and plays video games.”

“Some of the best and detailed illustrations I've ever seen”

“I think the ultimate problem is that Jordan is torn between his white friends and his Black ones. I think that the book did teach me about important topics and how some people have hard dilemmas like what Jordan had. I feel like no person should have to second think what skin color they have\want.”

“I loved the style and I loved the illustrations. I enjoy how graphic novels are layed out and enjoy how the illustrations are simple, yet very detailed and sometimes intense. I loved Jerry Crafts word choice and use, and I love how he always got the characters' five senses across EVERY time! It was quite enjoyable.”

“I thought the problem was good. And this book taught me about BLM. And I think other kids should learn about BLM.”