1st Graders Study Sound

Thrilled to be back in school, the first graders have been diving into explorations to learn about sound.  As part of our unit on sound and light, students are conducting experiments and having discussions to learn about the properties and origins of sound. First, the students discovered that vibration causes sound by playing around with rubber bands, plastic cups, and popsicle sticks. Students used their sense of touch to feel the vibrations caused by plucking, strumming, or flicking the materials.

"Our students were excited to realize and identify all the vibrations involved in common sounds heard at school," said teacher Samantha Silvestri. "For example, a ball bouncing on the pavement is a vibration that makes a loud sound!" 

Pictured are two of the other explorations that students do as part of this unit. Students made a tuning fork vibrate by tapping it on wood, then held it up to other materials. They were able to see, hear, and feel the vibrations- enforcing and proving that vibrations cause sound. 

Finally, they played a guessing game with partners (in person or virtual!) Through this fun and interactive activity students began identifying properties that make sounds easier or harder to identify.

"It’s great to be in person where we can use all the materials that bring learning to life for students," added teacher Maddie Adler. "Thanks to our large supply of materials and expansive outdoor space, students were safely able to play this loud and interactive game!" 

Students thought about vibrations making sound even after the lesson, and some students found that if they had a musical instrument at home they could watch the strings vibrate! One student even made the connection that the fidget tools we gave every student could make vibrations that made sound if you stretch it across your hands and pluck it.

"We love when students are thinking about lessons learned at school beyond the time and place of the lesson!" said Ms. Silvestri.