Kindergarteners Explore Hebrew Letters

Kindergarten students have finished learning all the letters of the English. So it’s now time to begin our study of Hebrew letters. Utilizing our time in Distance Learning, students created Hebrew word walls at home using their own ideas of decoration and organization. Some students colored in their Hebrew letters by utilizing flag designs of Israel and the United States. Some adorned their Hebrew letters with rainbows. Some put their Hebrew letters on strings and hung them in choice spots in their rooms. Some organized them in the order of Debbie Friedman’s Aleph-Bet Song. Some put them on their refrigerators. Needless to say it was a fun introduction to the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. 

While we have already learned the first letter in the Torah and the letters on the dreidel, there is something alluring to the curious minds of Kindergarteners about the whole Aleph-Bet. It is nice to know that we have just begun building a relationship with and a knowledge of the letters. We will spend time learning how to form them, what their names are, and for the most part, what sounds they make. 

Upon our return to learning on campus this week, we aligned our Jewish studies with the latest science unit on trees and weather. Tu Bishvat (the Jewish holiday concerning the Birthday of the Trees) gives us a Jewish context for the symbolism of trees in Judaism and the importance placed on taking care of our trees and our environment. We revisited the rainbow from the Torah story of Noah and the flood with each child creating their own bow in the cloud (‏קשת-בענן Keshet b’anan) to adorn our classrooms. The clouds will help us learn the names of the colors in Hebrew along with learning some weather terms in Hebrew. It is the perfect integration of science, Judaism, and the language of Hebrew.