3rd Graders Create Online Interactive Games in Hebrew

In 3rd grade Hebrew, students created online games using Ji Tap (Jewish Interactive), an educational platform that offers tools for students to create interactive lessons in Judaic Studies and Hebrew. As registered Ji Tap users, our students can access this platform to play games created by other users, or to create their own games and share them with the community. As a culminating activity for our Yom Huledet (birthday) unit the 3rd grade students used Ji Tap to help reinforce what they learned by creating games. Each of the students created a game activity around the theme of Yom Huledet, which they later shared with the class during “Game Day.” 

"Providing this opportunity empowered the students to apply their recently acquired knowledge, share their ideas, and get inspired by others," says teacher Irit Daly.

This hands on student-centered lesson is aligned with Brandeis' goal of engaging students in authentic learning that engaged and deepens students' understanding.

Some 3rd graders shared their thoughts about this lesson:

“We can learn from others and improve our reading. I’m really excited about it!”

“I really love it because it’s a fun way to learn and it helps me memorize the Hebrew words.”

“I am super excited about creating my own game and having Game Day!”

Check out photos of the project here!