5th Graders Develop Hebrew Skills

5th grade students have been hard at work expanding their language skills with teacher Simi Hoze.

As part of their Ivrit B'click unit, the 5-2 students learned a set of new vocabulary that describes the items in a typical room. Students are learning to describe their rooms at home. They describe the structure, clors, furniture, and different objects in their rooms. Then, they get to draw a picture of their rooms, labeling each object depicted.

In addition, students expanded their vocabularies by learning prepositions like on, under, inside, and next to. They use those words while practicing their Hebrew conversational skills and describing where everything is located in their rooms, such as in the sentence "the books are on the bookshelves."

Later, teacher Ms. Hoze will lead the class in a discussion as to whether students would like to change or add anything in their rooms. Students will learn to express ideas around different aspects of neatness and messiness, and the students will share their attitudes around cleaning up their rooms.

Meanwhile, 5-3 students are learning the song "Geveret eem Salim," or "A Lady With Baskets." The song is about a woman who returns from shopping at a market, gets on a bus, and places all the baskets with the products she bought on the bus benches. Unfortunately for the passengers, she had so many baksets there was no bench left available.

During the song it is told what each basket contains. Most of the products that the woman has purchased are basic food products. Out of this come the last two baskets mentioned in the song: one of them contains "all kinds." Students are enjoying learning and singing this song!