First and Second Graders Become Shofar Makers!

Last week, our first and second graders participated in a shofar workshop led by Rabbi Gedalia Potash of Chabad of Noe Valley. This workshop helps to enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of Rosh Hashanah. Before sanding and varnishing their own shofarot to take home, students listened attentively to Rabbi Potash, who taught the students about the different animal horns used to make a shofar. The Rabbi also taught the students about the mitzvah (commandment) of hearing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah. “Mitzvah means connection,” Rabbi Potash explained. “And every time we do a mitzvah, we are connected with other people and we are connected with Jewish values.”
Says teacher Sandra Menachem, “I bring this workshop to my class every year to continue an ancient tradition and share it with the next generation. It’s a fun way for students to connect with the rituals of the holiday.”

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