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List of 12 news stories.

  • #12 - Shabbat and Shalom to Israel (for Now)!

    Our Israel trip has sped by! We are preparing to head to Ben Gurion Airport, where students and chaperones will check in and have a chance to pick up last minute gifts and snacks at the terminal shops before boarding. We are happy to head home, but also a tiny bit sad that our Israel adventure is coming to an end. I hope this final blog entry will not only give you a sense of the day, but serve as a springboard for conversations with your children...
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  • #11 - Shalom Chaverim, Shalom Tel Aviv

    Today our homestay came to an end. We began the morning with farewells to our new friends from kibbutzim around the Upper Galilee. For many, the homestay is a break from history; after traveling the country and seeing the ancient sites most of us have only read about and the more modern ones that mark the foundation of the modern nation of Israel 70 years ago, we finally experienced the lives of the people who live here today...
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  • #10 - Rain in the Galilee

    Our students woke up this morning in the homes of their hosts in the Upper Galilee, still full from snacks and sleepy from the previous night's fun with their friends from our partner school, Eynot Yarden. We met the students at the school in a light drizzle and were met with smiles and details of their stays...
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  • #9 - Mifgash in the Beautiful Galilee

    It is amazing how such a small country as Israel can host such a diversity of geographic terrain. In the course of our journey, we have experienced the desert, the coastal plain, the lowest spot on earth, the hills of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv’s urban sprawl, and now the breathtakingly beautiful Upper Galilee...
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  • #8 - Traveling the Length of the Land from Masada and the Dead Sea to the Upper Galilee

    I am writing this evening’s entry from the Hula Valley, where we are staying at the Kibbutz Gonen’s beautiful guest house, in the Upper Galilee. Peacocks strut throughout the grounds and pathways are lined with flowering bushes of all kinds. Having finished dinner, our students are enjoying social time together on the guest house grounds, before heading to bed for a good night’s rest...
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  • #7 - Desert Adventures

    The day was thrust into full swing upon waking up promptly at 6:45 a.m. Suitcases were packed, bags for our overnight in the Bedouin tents were prepped, breakfast was scarfed, parents were called, the bus was loaded, and off we went into the heart of the Negev desert, where a day of adventure awaited us...
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  • #6 - Digging into Our Modern and Ancient Past

    We began the day by checking out of our Jerusalem hotel and journeying to Yad Vashem. Our tour began on Righteous Among the Nations Boulevard which is a tree lined lane in which the different trees are named after heroic individuals. I like that idea; begin with those who saved others...
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  • #5 - Shabbat of Art and Culture

    After breakfast Ms. Baumer and six students visited Beit Knesset HaNasi, a modern Orthodox shul in Jerusalem. They were greeted by a congregant who warmly invited them in. The service was not always familiar to the students as different tropes and tunes were used but the congregants were friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. They even invited two of our students to dress the Torah and close the Ark...
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  • #4 - Limestone and Laffah

    On a very special day leading up to Shabbat, our people's hopeful phrase, "To next year in Jerusalem," has come to fruition for the Brandeis 8th grade community...
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  • #3 – Let My People Go

    The phrase that comes to mind when reflecting on the events of today comes from Moses in an attempt to free his people from the tyranny of an oppressive regime: ”Let my people go.” The sentiments of this phrase ring true as we started off our day celebrating the Jewish peoples’ staff in the sand, Israel’s genesis as a country, Israel’s independence...
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  • #2 - Day of Opposites

    Our second full day has been full of opposites. After a long first day, everyone happily retired to their rooms for a good night’s sleep. No longer yearning for sleep, we awoke early to board our bus to the town of Rehovot, the former home of a British Army command and the site of the historic Ayalon Institute to learn about a hidden munitions factory concealed in a basement beneath the laundry and bakery...
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  • #1 - Our 8th Grade Superheroes

    As I mulled over a title for our first blog entry, chronicling our day in Israel, the first that came to mind for me was, “Our 8th Grade Superheroes,” for truly they have proven themselves to be just that, in the ways they have engaged in the experiences of the past 24 hours, despite the jetlag of having just landed! Needless to say, we are all very proud of them...
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