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  • Seven Ways We Learn and Work Together at Brandeis

    Jenny Rinn, Director of Lower School

    During the first week of school, parent Craig Levine came into my office and said, “I just want this year to be a kind year. Because we need it!” His comments resonated with me in light of the work we have been doing over the last 18 months. In collaboration with the Institute for Social Emotional Learning, faculty, staff, parents, and students, we designed a guide to forming a community that is open and inclusive to all. Entitled "Seven Ways We Learn and Work Together," it outlines a pathway to a culture of civil discourse and meaningful relationships based on our Brandeis community values...
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2017-2018 Articles

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  • The Mirror of Our Regard

    With the High Holidays behind us, we are in a time of resetting—resetting our minds and intentions for the year ahead, and resetting the Torah for another year of reading—turning toward the new, with an eye toward the ancient.
    In Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s weekly drash (interpretation), he shares an account of the first parashah (portion) of the annual Torah cycle that is all about creation and creativity. I was struck by a particular line in it...
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  • I and Thou

    One of my mentors and coaches in the wonderful and challenging work of school leadership is Debbie Freed, an organizational consultant who has been working with heads of school in the Bay Area for more than 25 years. A concept that she has written about is the notion of what she describes as a “fractal”—that any given moment in a school or organization can be seen as a self-replicating pattern, one that expresses a fundamental truth about that organization’s core beliefs and values. It’s an idea that I return to with some frequency with my team, and one that I found myself thinking about this past week...
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  • This Song

    The Glass Household traveled all the way across the Bay for Yom Kippur, to Berkeley’s Urban Adamah. It was a very different experience of Yom Kippur services, for me—being outside, wandering to visit chickens and goats between songs and prayers. At one point, I sat in the space designated for kids with Alma, and we made our own havdallah herb sachets, stuffing rosemary and lavender into small burlap bags. As we did so, I found myself thinking of a line in the draft of our strategic plan, which is nearing completion and will be shared at our town hall meeting in November...
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  • Pretend We're Together

    One of the joys of working in a school is the opportunity to learn and to bear witness to learning on a daily basis. Yesterday, a break in my schedule of meetings afforded me thirty minutes to wander the campus, stopping in to classrooms to see and hear what our students are engaged with. As I stood in the back of a fifth grade classroom where David Worton was answering questions about a recent trip he took to Bear’s Ears National Monument (as part of a shared project that he is co-teaching with Kaitlyn Huston on the history of the Pueblo tribes), a student turned to me and said “Dr. Glass! Why are you here?” And I responded with the lucky truth...
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  • Archivists

    I have been thinking this week about archives, about the records we create and keep, and about the stories those records tell. I began my week in one of my new roles this year, as yearbook co-advisor with our librarian Beckie Beeson. In our first meeting with a big and impressively smart yearbook staff we talked about what drew the students and the grownups to the work of making a yearbook—digital photography, an opportunity to tell the story of the year, an interest in journalism, a love of writing, etc.—and looked through old and older Brandeis annuals to consider what we wanted to keep and what to change...
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  • Integrity and Awe

    Good morning and welcome to the first day of school! We are so happy to see you all here.
    Last year, we started our first day talking about kindness: about how we can act with kindness each day, the kindness in greeting a new friend with a smile, how kindness can be an act of creation, and about how some rabbis have said that the world is built with chesed.
    Today, I want to talk with you a little bit about another of our core values, integrity. In our lobby, you will see these words...
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    • Dr. Dan Glass, Head of School

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September 27, 2018 - "I and Thou"
October 4, 2018 - "The Mirror in Our Regard"
October 11, 2018 - "Seven Ways We Learn and Work Together at Brandeis"

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