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  • A Work of Art

    My week began with a walk through Harlem in New York City, toward Teacher’s College at Columbia University. It was a brisk autumn morning; the city was saturated in earth tones, brownstones, and brick-red leaves. I was headed—along with Debby Arzt-Mor, our director of Jewish learning—to a meeting of the Collaborative for Spiritual Development, a project convened by Dr. Lisa Miller of Columbia’s psychology department. The collaborative’s aims are to build a model of a curriculum for spiritual development that will serve K–12 schools nationwide; Brandeis was invited as one of twelve leadership schools to contribute to phase one of that effort...
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2017-2018 Articles

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  • Points of Interest

    Since so many of you will be driving up today or tomorrow to Yosemite for our Sukkot in Yosemite trip, we thought we’d give you some good listening rather than reading this week. Middle school teacher and Brandeis alumnus Isaac Jacobs-Gomes joined me on Yudcast to discuss John Muir’s writing about Yosemite, the connection between being a teacher and being a writer, how we cross the many thresholds in our lives, integrated science/language arts projects in the middle school, mindfulness, and much more...
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  • Frames

    Last week I received an unexpected package. Not one of the hordes of Amazon boxes that seem to stack up on our doorstep like emails in an inbox—though this was from Amazon. It was different by virtue of being a surprise, not generated by my shopping cart, or Kate’s, not tied to an upcoming birthday or holiday that might engender gifts. I didn’t realize this until I opened the box, of course—I’m so habituated to online shopping that my first assumption was that I had simply bought something and not remembered it, while absentmindedly fidgeting with my phone in line at some physical store...
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  • Being and Nothingness

    Rabbi Batshir Torchio recently described Yom Kippur to me as a time in which we are “stripped of everything in order to be with everything.” Rabbi Torchio explained that one way Jewish thinkers have conceived of this process is through Yesh (Being) and Ayin (Nothingness). On Yom Kippur, we leave the trappings of the mortal world—eating, even cleaning our bodies—in order to attempt to let go of our particular beings—our Yesh—to become part of or connected to the Nothingness, to spirit, or to God...
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  • Processing Units

    At the Glass household, we have been on-again, off-again subscribers to the Sunday New York Times over the years. The cycle tends to go like this: we subscribe for some period of months, and then one day find ourselves weeks deep in old news we haven’t yet made time to read, so we cancel our subscription—then one day we have a somewhat empty Sunday morning without the paper, and pine for the chance to sit over coffee and read, so we re-up. And so on...
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  • Not in Heaven

    Like many of you, I imagine, I have not spent a great deal of my life studying Torah. There was a long stretch, in fact, between my involvement in post–bar mitzvah education as part of Midrasha and my first adult engagement with the weekly Torah portion as part of a poetry project I undertook in my late 20s. It has been one of the pleasures of being part of the Brandeis community, then, that it offers many opportunities to engage with Torah and the interpretive tradition in Jewish practice of reading, thinking, and discussing...
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  • Encased

    In July, we took a family road trip up to Oregon, to while away some sunny days along the Deschutes, the Rogue, and other tributaries and byways. One of our stops was at the Oregon Caves National Monument, a fascinating set of marble passages and caverns just over the Oregon border (this was part of my insistence this summer that our girls learn to share my fascination with caves, which I’m happy to report was a complete success)...
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  • Fanatic Hearts

    Welcome back to a new year! In this space we will share weekly thoughts about our students, our program, our community, and our world. This week, I’m sharing the speech with which I welcomed our students and families on Tuesday, for those of you who missed it or were asking for the transcript...
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    • Dr. Dan Glass, Head of School
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