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2018 Spring Fundraiser


The Brandeis School of San Francisco is excited to announce
our 2018 Fund-A-Need project:

Library Redesign & Creation of Digital Learning Center

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Books lead us into the society of those great men with whom we could not otherwise come into personal contact. They bring us near to the geniuses of the remotest lands and times. A good library is a place, a palace, where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet.
~ Samuel Niger, 1928
Today’s school libraries are hubs of learning where students collaborate, communicate, and share ideas. They are centers of participatory learning that integrate the library of physical books with digital and online opportunities that provide additional pathways for learning. We see the library as a place that inspires imagination and exploration and as a place where students can take their research and reading and go deeper to find and create meaning from the knowledge they have gained.

We’ve taken a look at the current state of our library and see an opportunity to create a more active center of learning that provides our students with a place that invites imagination, inspiration, and exploration while also providing additional flexible spaces to support learning and teaching at every grade level. With that in mind, we are excited to announce our plan to fund the redesign of the library/media resource center and the creation of a digital learning center, which we will kick-off during the Fund-A-Need at Make It Rock! on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Your support will help fund the revitalization, reorganization, and refurbishment of the library and reading room to accomplish three central goals:
  1. Physically and visually accommodate students at all grade levels to encourage browsing and discovery of materials for reading, research, and digital learning.
  2. Provide user-friendly, flexible work spaces for teachers and students to collaborate, while also providing a range of flexible, inviting seating options to support student reading and learning, story time, and author visits and programming that activate the library as a center of learning for the school.
  3. Transform the reading room into a digital learning center that offers middle school students a location in the library to engage in the use of design software and technology that prepares our students for high school and beyond.

Timetable: Summer 2018 with completion schedule for Fall 2018