How to Get Involved

Parent Association

There’s a lot of opportunity for parents to make it matter in our school community and to follow their passions and talents at Brandeis. Just a few examples of what that involvement looks like include:
  • Serving on the PA board and/or staffing a committee that plans and executes school and community wide events
  • Staffing a table or helping to set up or tear down at a specific event
  • Helping to celebrate Jewish holidays with our students, faculty, and community, including the Rosh Hashana honey sale to raise money for tzedakah and the Sukkot dinner for the whole school community
  • Hosting or attending our yearly Shabbat program—Shabbat Ba’Bayit—which brings together families, new friends, and the community
  • Participating in fun, community-wide events, including Game Night and Book Fair, which includes speakers, food trucks, book sales, and a marketplace
  • Helping with Teacher Appreciation Week, which includes providing food, pampering, gifts, and more for our beloved faculty
  • Organizing or contributing to the Food Committee, which organizes a teacher breakfast every week and refreshments at school events
  • Serving on the environmental committee, which has helped Brandeis become very “green”
And of all the roles parents play at the school, perhaps the most important one is that of role model. By showing their kids the impact their involvement makes, parents reinforce the school’s core values of integrity (ometz), kindness (chesed), and service (tikkun olam) and make a lasting example. And that’s the power of community.

To learn more about the PA, email