We are grateful to the all of the dedicated committee leaders who shepherded this work across its many stages of development, without whom this vision and its imagined outcomes would not be possible.
Steering Committee Chairs: Lisa Mann and Matt Wulfstat
Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Howard Caro, Russell Cohen, Dr. Dan Glass, Marc Katz, Michelle Kletter, Kerry Lanigan-Freeman, Tania Lowenthal, Jenny Rinn, Ed Schaffer, Charlene Schachter, Stacy Youkilis
Strategic Visioning and Accreditation Process (SVAP) Committee Chairs: Debby Arzt-Mor, Neal Biskar, Sandee Bisson, Nicholas Cole-Farrell, David Ehrlich, Rachel Freeman, Karen Gordon, Shannon Gutierrez, David Jackson, Isaac Jacobs-Gomes, David Jefferies, Emma Larson, Rebecca Ravel, Nicole Schoentag, Ricki Weintraub, Camille Wright
Special thanks to Lynn Wendell, for being a compass for the work at every stage.
Additional thanks to Isaac Jacobs-Gomes and David Jefferies, for offering focused feedback on several drafts of this document at different stages of its development; to Rachel Freeman and Caroline Van Remortel for designing how this plan would be shared; and to the many faculty, student, and parent volunteers who gave up their time to help imagine and articulate the future of The Brandeis School of San Francisco.