About Us

Jewish Life at Brandeis

The Bay Area is home to a diverse, dynamic, Jewish community defined by pluralism and innovation. The Brandeis School of San Francisco has been part of this fabric since 1963, educating generations of young people who have gone on to be leaders and influencers in the Jewish world and beyond. 

Today the Brandeis community includes Jewish families from around the globe, with many different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, who identify with a range of religious observance levels and affiliations. It also includes families who are not Jewish, but who are deeply drawn to the educational and cultural experience that Brandeis offers. 

At Brandeis we are sustained by our core values of Kindness, Integrity, and Service, and our unyielding commitment to support one another in times of celebration and in times of need. We gather frequently for Jewish holidays and lifecycle events, and respond in an instant when someone needs care or is struggling. 

The framework that guides Jewish education at Brandeis is reflected in our Enduring Understandings. Students at Brandeis are given multiple entryways to explore their unique Jewish and spiritual identities, and classroom and community events invite students to share their own family traditions with one another throughout the year. Our Jewish studies curriculum is designed to prompt students of all ages to consider how Jewish ethics and foundational texts might inform how they interact with the world. Learning Hebrew, a complex modern language, links students to the history of the Jewish people and enables them to forge a connection to ancient and contemporary Israel. Weekly student-led Jewish prayer services are infused with joy and music, and provide an inclusive, interactive space for expressions of hope, gratitude, and wonder.
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