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Board of Trustees


Dr. Jonathan Terdiman, Board Chair
Abby Porth, Vice Chair
Jody Barkin, Treasurer
Ruth Katz, Secretary


Tahlia Bliss
Amy Cohen
Jessica England
Jane Froyd
Steve Ganz
Ellen Ginsberg
Dingli Graham
Franklin Huang
Edward Kavalerchik
Udi Ledergor
Julie Lewis
Anat Shiwak-Harry
Lynette Stejskal
Leo Stroe
Joseph Tartakovsky
Leslie Ticktin
Jamie Weinstein
Love Weinstock

Beth Cousens, Parents' Association Co-President
Jason Pollack, Parents' Association Co-President
Dr. Dan Glass, Head of School

Board of Trustees FAQ

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • What does the board of trustees do?

    The board of trustees is responsible for four general areas relating to the school:

    • Mission
    • Resources
    • Strategy
    • Head of School


    The board is responsible for and serves as the steward of the school’s mission.


    The board serves as the ultimate steward of the school’s resources (people, facilities, finances), for now and for the future.


    The board, in conjunction with the head of school, sets the strategic direction of the school. This is done through a strategic planning process and through other decision making on a more frequent basis.

    Head of School

    The board hires, supports, and evaluates the head of school.

    Together, the members of the board and the head of school share decision-making regarding financial policies, enrollment and size of school, and facilities needs. To that end, the board of trustees must vote on a number of key decisions every year, including—but not limited to—the budget, school tuition, and teacher salary increases.

    Note that individual trustees do not have any authority; authority for decision making rests with the board as a whole.
  • What does the board NOT do?

    The board of trustees does not involve itself in the following matters:

    • Hiring decisions (teachers, staff, and administration) or staffing matters, other than the hiring and evaluation of the head of school
    • Program-related (curriculum) matters
    • Other operational matters
    • Admissions decisions.
    • Tuition assistance decisions
  • How does the board conduct its business?

    The board typically meets monthly. The head of school often invites members of his senior administrative leadership team to the meetings, depending on the matters to be discussed. To encourage candor, all discussions in board meetings are strictly confidential.
  • Why are board matters confidential?

    Because of the sensitivity of the issues discussed, and to encourage candid discussion, all board deliberations are maintained in confidence. This allows board members, the head of school, and the senior administrative team members to participate at the meetings in an open—yet safe—manner, and to address sensitive issues that may not be—or may not yet be—appropriate to share beyond the board meeting. Each trustee regularly affirms her/his commitment to treat all matters discussed in the strictest confidence.
  • How many people are on the board?

    Our bylaws state that the board of trustees can have between 15 and 25 members. As of July 2021, we have 20 trustees.
  • How are board members selected?

    The Committee on Trustees is responsible for identifying potential new board members. Potential trustees are identified based upon criteria that include prior involvement in the school community and skillsets that they can bring to the board. The committee looks for new trustees whose skills and experience match the needs of the board. This can include legal and financial expertise, demonstrated philanthropic giving and capacity, ties to the broader Jewish community in the Bay Area, educational expertise, alumni connections with the school, and current parents and grandparents who have been very involved with the school. The Committee on Trustees nominates a slate of potential members to the entire board in the late spring, and the board votes on whether or not to approve this slate. Typically, new trustees are announced at the end of the school year.
  • How long is the typical term of a trustee?

    Trustee terms are two years in length, and trustees typically serve three consecutive terms (for a total of six years).
  • What committees does the board have and how are committee members selected?

    The board has several committees, some of which are permanent, standing committees and some of which are ad hoc, convened to meet specific needs of the school at a specific time. Some committees—as per the school's bylaws—comprised of trustees only. Many committees have trustee and non-trustee members. Here is a list of our current committees for the 2022-23 school year:
    Committee Name
    Non-Trustee Members?
    Tahlia Bliss
    Audit & Risk Management
    David Samson
    Budget and Finance
    Jody Barkin
    Committee on Trustees
    Ruth Katz
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Ellen Ginsberg
    Dr. Jonathan Terdiman, Board Chair

    Enrollment Management
    Anat Shiwak
    Head Evaluation and Support
    Dr. Jonathan Terdiman, Board Chair
    Head’s Contract Renewal
    David Samson

    Alex Gleser

  • How can I join a committee?

    If you have a specific skillset or interest that you feel would enhance the work of the board, please contact the chair of the Committee on Trustees.