The Brandeis School of San Francisco has reimagined what is possible in an inclusive, future-focused Jewish day school, becoming an acknowledged leader in asserting the role of spirituality and ethics in educating the whole child. Our challenging academic program meets students where they are and encourages them toward where they can be, guided by master teachers. Brandeis students have the opportunity to learn by solving real-world problems, and Brandeis graduates go on to be leaders in their communities and stewards of democracy.


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  • Challenging Academics and Masterful Teaching Remain at the Core of What We Do.

    We believe that all students deserve a school that stretches, supports, and inspires them. 

    Brandeis students benefit from an academic program that emphasizes small-group instruction and maximizes time with expert educators. This approach supports multiple entry points into learning for all students, offering opportunities for academic challenge and expanding the envelope of success. Brandeis teachers model lifelong learning and collaboration, working in teams to design innovative curricula that integrate Jewish thought and values into core academic programs.
  • Student-Centered, Inquiry-Based, and Real-World Learning is the Future.

    We believe that children make meaning through thoughtful and critical engagement with the world.
    Following millenia of Jewish tradition, Brandeis students begin with questions in constructing their own understandings of Jewish learning and their world, becoming critical and connected thinkers. The school gives students agency in their learning by allowing them to design their own meaningful projects and curious pathways through learning. By connecting learning and purpose through units and projects that give students opportunities to engage with real-world challenges, we prepare Brandeis graduates to be leaders in their fields in a rapidly-changing future.
  • Ethics and Spirituality Are Good for Our Children and for Our World.

    We believe that the challenges of this century will require ethically fluent and spiritually grounded leaders.

    Grounded in the school’s core values of chesed (kindness), ometz lev (integrity), and tikkun olam (service), Brandeis students explore and learn from the diversity of Jewish thought and life in the Bay Area, developing an authentic spiritual identity that is unique to each of them. Spiritual development is taught as a facet of social and emotional learning, and as a means for engaging with and making sense of the world. Jewish ethics are woven throughout the school, forming the core of our students’ work of designing a better world.

Based on this vision, we will spend the coming five years investing in and focusing on the following: Our Academic Program, Our Faculty and Staff, Our Community,  Our Campus, Our Culture of Philanthropy, and Our Strategic Financial Plan.