Learning at Brandeis

Judaic Studies

Jewish education at Brandeis allows for multiple entryways towards constructing Jewish identity. These multiple entryways are reflected in our enduring understandings, which guide our students’ path to Jewish literacy and learning.

The Judaic Studies program at Brandeis invites students to engage in the joy of discovery and questioning, as they learn how Jewish values and traditions can inform the ways they interact with the world. At Brandeis, students are urged to build and sustain their own relationship to Judaism while exploring the many layers of each family's ethnic, spiritual, and cultural heritage. Their journey includes Jewish customs, prayers, history, and foundational texts; Hebrew language; Israel; and Jewish ethics. 

As they advance, Brandeis students develop the critical thinking and analytical skills that are at the core of a Jewish education. With a holistic approach to integrating Judaic and general studies, our teachers help students absorb the relevance of Jewish learning to the entirety of their school curriculum. Through year-round opportunities for experiential learning, and joyful, inclusive holiday celebrations, students come to appreciate how Jewish values and traditions can add meaning and resonance to their lives.