Student Life

Student Support

At Brandeis, we focus on the whole child. Recognizing that the path to learning is not the same for everyone, we offer a variety of resources to support students in and outside the classroom. Experienced, full-time learning specialists and licensed counselors work collaboratively with parents and teachers to help students succeed at Brandeis. They  pinpoint academic and social-emotional challenges, explore different strategies, and develop recommendations and action plans designed to address students' needs. 

Learning Specialists

Our learning specialists provide direct support to students who need specific accommodations or interventions. When necessary, learning specialists attend regular meetings with teachers and administrators and  create differentiated instruction plans to best meet the needs of the students. They also assist classroom teachers with academic assessments and track data on student progress, while serving as a liaison between the school and any outside tutors or specialists. 

Counseling Program

Our counseling program is an integral part of school life, aimed at supporting each child’s emotional well-being and evolving sense of self. Brandeis employs a lower school counselor and middle school counselor, both of whom are trained to address the developmental, social-emotional and behavioral needs of children. The counselors work collaboratively with classroom teachers, learning specialists, and parents to ensure that every student can feel confident and successful at Brandeis.  
If a student is found to be in need of individual services such as comprehensive psycho-educational testing, counseling, or extensive one-on-one remediation, our support team will assist by making referrals that are well-suited to the student's needs.