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Classroom Spotlight: Body Movement and Control

Our beginning unit in PE is on Body Movement and Control. Our main learning targets are
understanding correct footwork, having spatial awareness, moving safely while under control,
and remaining balanced when landing after jumping. In order to reach our learning targets,
students were taught proper running form which led to various chase and flee games. They also
learned proper jumping form which allows them to explode with such a force and land with
balanced feet. Since the start of school, I can already see so much progress in the students’
footwork and running form and it’s been amazing to watch!

This week, students in K-2 played a game called 3 Little Pigs, while 3-4 played Capture the
Flag. Both games encompass all of our learning targets as well as having the ability to change
direction at short notice. 3 Little Pigs is a chase-and-flee game that uses the storyline of Three
Little Pigs. The tagger is the big bad wolf, while the runners are the little piggies. As the wolf
huffs and puffs, the runners flee from one house to the next keeping their running form in mind
and avoiding others using their spatial awareness.

In Capture the Flag, students not only change direction and run for flags, they also need to
communicate with one another and be able to work together as a team. We’re working with
sportsmanship and how to be a good teammate and opponent as well. This game is a perfect
way to end our Body Movement and Control unit as we get ready to transition into our Throwing
and Catching unit.

The students showed enthusiasm for each game and even for each other. They were cheering
their teammates positively and even came up with different strategies on how to outrun the
wolf and capture their flags!