Classroom Spotlight: A Scene in a Restaurant - Learning About Israeli Food


A Scene in a Restaurant - Learning About Israeli Food

by Simha Hoze
In our 6-3 Hebrew class, students are learning about food. Israeli food! What Israeli breakfast looks like, typical dishes of the country, vegetarian food, recipes they can prepare at home, and even deserts! In the most recent assignment, students have been working on creating" A Scene in A Restaurant ".  Students enthusiastically engage in conversation using their Hebrew food vocabulary, from deciding which restaurant they would like to go to, creating menu, and ordering food in the restaurant while adding an authentic touch to the scene. 
The kids really enjoy having the opportunity to create a scene for themselves, practice their language skills, and put on a fun skit for the class. In our scene, some students took on the roles of customers in the restaurant who came to celebrate their friend's birthday. Another student acted as the chef, and another as the waiter who greeted the guests. Of course, there must always be some drama. One customer is not happy with his food, he expressed his dissatisfaction with his meal, making sure his discontent was heard loudly and irritatingly by all the other restaurant guests.
In the end, everyone had a fun time and a wonderful chance to enjoy the sunshine while practicing their Hebrew.