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The Brandeis Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

The Brandeis Fund Frequently Asked Questions

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Why does Brandeis ask for a contribution in addition to my tuition payment?

    Tuition alone doesn’t cover all the costs of a Brandeis education. We rely on charitable donations from all members of our community to ensure that our school remains exceptional. The size of gifts may vary, but all gifts are important. Making a tax-deductible donation is an excellent way to truly “make it matter!”
  • Why not raise tuition to cover all operating expenses?

    Brandeis strives to make tuition competitive, but also affordable. We seek additional revenue from donations and other sources in order to maintain a reasonable tuition structure as a well as socioeconomic diversity in our community. Our wide-ranging student body is an integral part of the Brandeis experience and enriches the lives of all our students.
  • Why is my participation in The Brandeis Fund important?

    The tradition of giving at Brandeis is strong. At any level, participation to the The Brandeis Fund demonstrates your commitment to Brandeis and its continued success. Participation by our entire community speaks volumes, generates enthusiasm, encourages others to give generously, and sets an example of giving back for our students.
  • I give at the auction and/or support the spring fundraiser. Why should I also give to The Brandeis Fund?

    We recognize that there are other opportunities to support Brandeis in addition to The Brandeis Fund, and we appreciate your broad participation. We ask that you make The Brandeis Fund your main giving priority. 
  • How much and when am I expected to give?

    We ask that you give at a level where your passion for Brandeis meets your ability to give. Tuition is a significant investment and every family’s capacity is different. Gifts of all sizes help Brandeis reach its financial and participation goals, and we invite families to pledge or make their gift by December 31. Pledges must be fulfilled by June 30.
  • How is The Brandeis Fund spent?

    The Brandeis Fund supports every facet of the Brandeis experience, including faculty and professional development, tuition assistance, programs tied to the school mission, arts, athletics, and general school operating costs. We encourage you to read our weekly schoolwide e-newsletter Hashavua and visit our school website to see your investment at work.