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Sixth Graders Use Visual Media to Present Their Favorite Environment in Hebrew

Sixth grade Hebrew students have been working on a project called “Me and My Environment,”
in which students prepare oral presentations, in Hebrew, about themselves and their favorite place in the community where they live. They film the place and themselves on location, and talk about their community. Later on, they present their project to the class through a slideshow, a PowerPoint presentation, a poster, or an iMovie.
“In our Hebrew class,” says teacher Simi Hoze, “the students had learned about different types of communities in Israel and the people who live there. They were able to describe and compare city life to life in a village, in a moshav, or on a kibbutz. Naturally, that led us to a discussion about the place where we live and our connections to our community and to the people who live among us, and how we can support each other.”
“For me as a teacher,” she adds, “it was a true pleasure seeing how the students took pride in sharing with their friends about their communities and things going on there, and how they enjoyed learning about each other. I believe staying involved and connected to where we live will ultimately benefit everyone.”