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8th Graders Tackle Systems of Equations

The 8th grade just finished the unit on Systems of Equations. Solving for systems of equations allows you to find two (sometimes more!) unknown variables. Although this may sound daunting, students explored many different ways in which they can solve for the solution to the system.

"In mathematics," said teacher Dr. Ali Frank, "systems of equations is a topic that is used in every math class from Algebra to Calculus. It is also found in economics, physics, and can help you decide which is the best phone plan for you!" 

On the off quarter, students will use what they learned from this unit to create supply and demand graphs for a good, and find the optimum equilibrium point (the solution to their supply and demand graphs) for a "market clearing" of their goods. Stay tuned for an update on those projects! If you woudl like to learn more about systems of equations in the real world, click on this link.